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Precise Short PB lens

The shallow design that delivers the bigger picture

A high precision lens to meet your changing lifestyle.

Digitally produced for clear vision across the whole lens.

Kodak Precise Lens offer exceptional quality of vision across the whole lens, with a smooth graduation of power and a wider reading area to help promote eye movement. Precise Lenses are suitable for the majority of frame choices

KODAK Precise Lenses viewing areas work together smoothly to provide:

Suitable for use in shallow frames, natural head and eye movement for up close activities, smooth transition from far to near with clear mid-range vision, and broad clear distance vision

Traditional Progressive Lens

KODAK Precise Lens

Vision First Design


Kodak Precise Lenses incorporate Vision First Design™ into a full backside, task oriented lens. This technology provides lenses with a smooth power progression and excellent binocular balance. It elevates the level of optical performance by maximizing the clarity in the peripheral areas of the lens and reducing distortion to the lens edge. Get yours today!