evoBlue lens

Protect your eyes against harmful UV and blue light, indoors and outdoors

Eye protection for sun UV and blue light.

EvoSun quickly adapts from naturally clear indoors to being fully dark in bright sunlight outdoors.

Kodak EvoBlue Lens quickly adapts from being clear indoors to being fully dark in bright sunlight outdoors. It protects against UV rays from the sun and harmful blue light from digital devices

While indoors Kodak EvoSun Lens is as clear as other non-photochromic lenses

Kodak EvoSun Lenses are clear indoors, behind a windshield and at night but adapt as light conditions change to provide the appropriate level of darkness outdoors. EvoSun Lenses quickly adjust back to fully clear indoors

Protect your eyes from sun UV

EvoBlue lens blocks 100% of harmful UV light.

Ultraviolet rays from the sun is a major hazard. We are all aware of the importance of applying sunblock to prevent the sun's UV rays from causing sunburn. Those same harmful rays have a direct and cumulative impact on eye health, accelerating eye ageing and can also cause a variety of severe eye conditions too, including cataracts and certain cancers


Protect your eyes from unwanted blue light.

Control and protect your eyes from blue light exposure from digital devices and other sources.

Whether at work, learning or at leisure, both indoor and outdoor, we are exposed to high levels of harmful blue light emitted from the digital devices and the sun. Harmful blue light contributes to eye strain, headaches, physical and mental fatigue and may cause serious long-term damage to the eye

Light Detective Unit shows that EvoBlue lens blocks out xx% of UV and HEV blue light.

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